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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Does Bob Blow His Second Chance with Sheree?

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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Does Bob Blow His Second Chance with Sheree?


In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled “Maui Mayhem,” Kandi is determined to enjoy her vacation, which means icing out Porsha; Sheree begins to have second thoughts about moving forward with Bob; and Phaedra gathers the women together for a restorative service.

The group’s “relaxing” trip to Maui is off to a heated start, with an understandably irate Kandi calling Porsha out on her many lies. It seems like Porsha doesn’t want the world to know she’s a freak between the sheets and is deflecting — big time. But if she’s coming after Kandi, she needs to bring the big guns.

A Lie is a Lie

After confronting Porsha about her allegation that she “heard” Kandi and Todd were planning to drug her and screw her, Kandi is turned up to 11, ready to choke Porsha, who’s too damn stupid to know that when you’re dead it’s time to lay down.

Todd tries to calm his wife, who he hasn’t seen this worked-up since “Pillow Gate.” Kandi’s in tears. Sheree gets it: this type of accusation is serious and could result in criminal charges if taken far enough. But Phaedra isn’t ready to fall in line and says that all the women have thrown some serious shade, serious enough to affect their brands and reputations.

Frustrated with Porsha, Cynthia, Kandi, Kenya and Todd leave the table, with Kandi calling Porsha a “lying ho.” It’s not the talls versus the smalls anymore; it’s the hos versus the nos.

Porsha Gets a Time-Out

With the dawn of a new day comes fresh hope. In order to salvage her sanity and the trip, Kandi calls Phaedra and asks her to make sure that Porsha keep a low profile and just chill with her man, giving Kandi some much-needed time and space. Kandi didn’t want Porsha on the trip to begin with, and all this nonsense is exactly why. Time to leash Frack and Frick.

Phaedra keeps up her tradition of ridiculously revealing and age-inappropriate swimwear. Unless Sports Illustrated is handing you a check, cover that stuff up! Kandi relays the message from Kandi and agrees that Porsha and Kandi together on a speed boat is probably not safe. Porsha thinks it’s funny that Kandi’s the one who doesn’t want her to go on the boat, since Kandi was the one threatening to choke her.

As the rest of the group heads out for their day, Kandi questions how dinner went after she left. Peter says that Porsha accused some of the women of bullying her. (How many housewives have cried bully?) Cynthia sees it another way: Porsha makes up lies about everybody, and when they confront her, she thinks she’s being bullied.

Phaedra doesn’t exactly defend Porsha, but she does say it’s hard to say what’s a lie and what’s not. And Kenya says that if someone can’t provide proof, then they’re making shit up. Sheree doesn’t see any point in trying to persuade Phaedra because the attorney is never going to speak out against Porsha.

The Ex Factor

The conversation turns to how well Peter and Cynthia are getting along. Initially worried that a couple’s vacay could muddy the waters, Cynthia’s having second thoughts — not about the divorce but about possibly going out with a …”bang.”

Sheree and Bob recount how tumultuous their divorce was, and Bob reveals that during a post-split trip to Vegas, he considered unstrapping Sheree’s seat belt and hitting the brakes. This confession is met with shocked silence from Phaedra and Kandi. Bob digs his hole further when he proudly brags that he never hit Sheree.

Silence speaks volumes, but it’s obvious that Sheree tries to hold her tongue. Bob asks Sheree if he’s ever smacked, hit or choked her and says he honestly doesn’t remember. Sheree has no problem reminding Bob that he did put his hand around her throat at some point. Bob asks if she could still breathe, and Kenya chastises him for making a joke out of domestic violence. Bob apologizes … for not choking Sheree hard enough. (Ya divorced him for a reason, Sheree.)

Bob might cut up and be charming, but Sheree ascertains that he’s got a dark side. She begins to sniffle and cry, and Bob realizes that he royally effed up. He reaches out and tries to take her hand, but Sheree shakes him off. It’s Kenya who offers Sheree comfort.

Phaedra mouths to Bob that he needs to apologize, and he tries a new tact. He admits that they’ve still got some growing to do, but that’s why they’re giving it a second shot. But it’s too little, too late. Sheree is reminded of the man who lied and cheated and abused her. She thought he’d changed. Sheree doesn’t want her daughters to ever endure the kind of treatment she has from Bob.

The speed boat ride is a bigger hit with some than others. Bob has gone on and ruined Sheree’s day, but she’s willing to put on a happy face so she doesn’t bring everyone down. Cynthia is disappointed that the boat isn’t a yacht, especially since she’s dressed in a floor-length gown.


The gang sits down, and spirits are much higher, particularly between Cynthia and Peter, who may or may not have disappeared for a quickie. Phaedra thinks it’s the perfect time to pitch the idea of the ladies having a restorative service. The trip has made it even more apparent to her how broken they are and how much betrayal has gone on in their circle. She doesn’t think it can wait until they get back to Atlanta. This here is a Jesus emergency.

Cynthia doesn’t think it will work, but she’s willing to give it a try anyway. Kandi has zero interest in ever speaking to Porsha again, Sheree stays silent and Kenya makes a production of wiping fake tears with her napkin. This has all the makings of a successful restorative service.

Phaedra’s service may not have a preacher or pews or a Bible, but she does have wine. And there might not be bread, but there is a box of Cheez-Its. Phaedra explains that in biblical terms, restoration means returning someone not just to their original state but also to a state better than they were. She wants their little group to give peace a chance.

Sheree kicks things off, confronting Kenya about her dig about Sheree getting her ass beat by an ex during a recent disagreement. Kenya argues that the only reason it got brought up was because Sheree accused her of provoking people, causing people to jump on her. Kenya believes that as a woman, you always take the side of a woman. A woman should never say to another that she deserved to get her ass beat.

Kenya reminds Sheree that she had her back earlier, and Sheree claims to appreciate it. But she still thinks that in the past, Kenya has made light of abuse. Each can’t really see where the other is coming from, so Phaedra steps in. She chalks up their issue to poor communication, and while it doesn’t seem to be forgive and forget, the two women temporarily squash their beef.

Porsha brings up the recent fight, but Kandi is not interested in making peace with Porsha. Whether Porsha made the drug story up herself or someone else made it up and she ran with it, it’s lies. Kandi feels like over the years, she’s supported Porsha more than anybody (cue the flashbacks), and all it took for Porsha to turn on her was Sheree’s comment that Kandi said Porsha had sex with Block.

Porsha doesn’t care if she and Kandi were pals in the past. She tells Kandi that if she takes a dig or says something about Porsha, she’s going to return the favor. Kandi interprets this as Porsha admitting that she was lying as retaliation for what was said about her and Block.

Porsha does regret taking things too far, but she obviously doesn’t realize you can’t put ketchup back in the bottle. Porsha’s credibility is shot completely in the ass.

Porsha also announces that Kandi owes Phaedra an apology for saying that Phaedra was cheating on her husband. Kandi clarifies that she never said Phaedra cheated on her husband or had sex with another man. What she did say is that Phaedra was talking to multiple men before Apollo went to jail.

Phaedra corrects Kandi, clarifying that she wasn’t speaking to “guys” (plural). Phaedra doesn’t expand on the situation other than to say that she never cheated on her husband.

Phaedra accuses Kandi of spreading a number of untruths, like Phaedra calling the Feds. Kandi’s only defense — and it’s weak — is that she and Phaedra were on the outs at the time, and it seemed suspicious that the Feds would show up coincidentally. But Kandi does apologize.

Cynthia suggests that if Phaedra’s really serious about all this healing and restoration, she needs to make sure people are in a place spiritually and mentally to actually have a conversation to get past something. Cynthia thinks all this shade is a waste, and she’d rather be in bed. And with that, the service is adjourned.

To say things didn’t go well would be an understatement, and Kandi thinks the whole purpose of the service was to get everyone to become friends with Porsha again — epic fail.

What About Bob?

Bob is dumb enough to ask Sheree to meet him at a jewelry store. He wants to buy her something sparkly, but no ring is going to fix the mess Bob has gotten himself into. Bob admits he was an asshole, but he’d rather laugh it off than cry about it. Unfortunately, Sheree doesn’t find any humor in his abusive past.

Even as Sheree tries to explain how she’s feeling, Bob begins to chuckle, and that’s the last straw for Sheree. She doesn’t regret inviting Bob on the trip. It was a test, and he failed. He hasn’t made the changes Sheree needed him to make, and she now realizes she dodged a bullet. Fool me once.

Should Sheree kick Bob to the curb for good? Is Kandi a hypocrite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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