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‘The Originals’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Klaus and Marcel Strike a Deal

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‘The Originals’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Klaus and Marcel Strike a Deal

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On the season 4 premiere of The Originals, “Gather Up the Killers,” on the five year anniversary of the Mikaelsons’ disappearance, Marcel deals with a vampire with a grudge and Hayley tracks down the last item she needs to revive Elijah, Kol and Rebekah.

It’s been five years since Marcel bested the Mikaelson family, and Vincent made good on his promise to turn St. Anne’s into a haven for those seeking refuge from the evils of the city. He speaks to a crowd warning them that as the anniversary of Klaus’ semi-demise nears, vampires from all over the world — good and bad (mostly bad) — will descend on the city to witness firsthand the suffering of Klaus Mikaelson.

The Out-of-Towners

The locals have worked very hard to rebuild their community, and out-of-town vampires don’t care about the city. They don’t follow the rules; they instigate trouble. Vincent believes the only way the people can get through it is together.

He tells the crowd before him that it won’t be the first time they’ve faced conflict. Each and everyone in the church has faced their share of monsters — Nola just has evil lurking in the shadows. But for a long time, they’ve managed to keep their monsters buried, and they all have to make sure they stay that way or risk losing everything they’ve built….forever.

Marcel is still ruling although he’s a more benevolent dictator than before. He’s brokered peace with the witches, thanks to Vincent. He also still has eyes and ears all over the city. One spy in particular, a lovely brunette vampire, comes to Marcel with some potentially troubling news.

Some of Klaus’ enemies who are flocking to the city to celebrate are trying to align with some of the witch covens in an attempt to undermine Marcel’s power, and perhaps, steal Marcel’s prize trophy, Klaus himself.

One vampire of note, Alistair Duquesne (Neil Jackson), is searching for Hayley. He believes she’s the key to finding the rest of the Mikaelsons. Alistair’s in town for the big independence celebration, but Marcel’s spy believes Alistair will try to acquire some of Klaus’ blood and use it to track down his siblings or Hope.

Marcel says that nobody has seen any of the Mikaelson’s in half a decade, but Alistair has located some members of The Strix which means Elijah is still alive. This has led to speculation that Hayley might be trying to bring the Mikaelsons back.

Lucky Number Seven

Speaking of Hayley, she’s been busy these past five years. She and Hope are living in a big, gorgeous house in the middle of nowhere. Hope is now seven, and in addition to being a single mom, Hayley has been working on getting the rest of her family back. She’s found a cure for Freya and a witch to syphon the hex from Rebekah. The only thing missing is the antidote for Marcel’s wolf bite for Elijah and Kol.

For the final task, she’s enlisted the help of Jackson’s grandmother, Mary. Mary isn’t happy with the idea of bringing the Mikaelsons back, but Hayley is determined for Hope to have people to protect and love her. Hope inherited not only Klaus’ enemies, but the little girl is a powerful witch who needs someone to teach her how to hone and control her magic.

Mary has managed to track down wolves from all seven packs except for one, but she finally got a lead on one lone survivor (wolf). She does worry that it could be a trap, but Hayley thinks it’s worth the risk. She leaves Hope in Mary’s care and heads out to find herself a wolf.

Marcel Turns to Klaus for Advice

The Mikaelson compound in the city is abandoned with one notable exception, Klaus. When we last saw Klaus, he was being bricked up behind a wall by Marcel, but he now resides in a cell.

Marcel pays a visit to his former sire who is being held in check by a variety of 50 Shades-like chains. Marcel wants to have a civil discourse, but if Klaus isn’t feeling cooperative, Marcel promises he can easily use Papa Tande’s knife on Klaus again (he pulled it out when he thought Klaus had suffered enough).

Klaus questions why Marcel doesn’t just kill him, and Marcel responds that he’s not like Klaus; he’s stronger. Marcel is no longer linked to Klaus, and the city Klaus likes to take credit for building is his. Klaus wants to know if Marcel came looking for approval, but what Marcel wants is information.

Marcel informs Klaus that Alistair is in town and is looking to make trouble. Marcel could just kill Alistair, but there’s no telling what kind of war that might start. Marcel would rather convince the vamp to fall into line and wants Klaus to tell him how.

Klaus reveals that pride is Alistair’s weakness. Even before Klaus turned him, Alistair was a vain aristocrat, always throwing feasts in his own honor. Klaus advises Marcel to show Alistair more of the same, and he’ll find Alistair quite “malleable.”

Proof of Life

Marcel throws a party in his swank pad (he no longer squats in Algiers) and invites the very sexy, Scottish Alistair — complete with brogue. Alistair reveals that not only did Klaus turn him, but compelled Alistair to slaughter his entire estate, including his wife and daughter. Klaus was hoping this would serve as a distraction to lure Mikael. Alistair spent a century hiding, and Alistair wants justice.

Alistair wants proof that Klaus is suffering. The only thing preventing Klaus from returning and wreaking havoc is Marcel’s word. Alistair has done is homework, and he suspects Elijah is being kept alive by some powerful immortal force — Klaus. Alistair wants to see Klaus, procure a drop of his blood and test the theory. If it’s true, that would be cause enough to kill Klaus and eradicate the entire family as well. Alistair suggests that if Marcel kills the Original, it will ease the minds of all of his vampire brethren. But if Marcel refuses, it will prove him to be a sympathizer

Now, you can’t just roll up into Marcel’s city and start issuing ultimatums, but Alistair promises that the visiting vampires will make sure heads roll if Marcel doesn’t comply, so Marcel invites Alistair to meet him at the compound.

Marcel confronts Klaus, telling him Alistair had no interest in having his ego stroked. He used the party as an excuse to throw down the gauntlet, but then again, Klaus knew that would be the probable outcome.

But Klaus isn’t as clever as he thinks. Marcel figured that Elijah should have died after he was bitten, but his sire line remains alive and well. Marcel had Vincent cast a spell and learned that the lives of Klaus’ siblings are anchored to him. Marcel may not give a damn about the others, but he’s not about to let anything happen to Rebekah.

Klaus argues that Marcel can’t defeat Alistair without his help. Klaus asks that Marcel release him so he can lay waste to Alistair and all of his ilk.

Vincent arrives at the compound per Marcel’s request. He needs Vincent for whatever is about to go down. Vincent wants to know what’s up, worried Marcel is getting ready to start a war, but Marcel reassures him that if everything goes as planned, he won’t have to lift a finger. Marcel needs a boundary spell. Anyone can enter, but no one can leave.

A Race for the Cure

Hayley arrives in Austin, TX and tracks down Keelin Malraux, the last descendent of the Malraux pack. Keelin isn’t interested in helping Hayley, but Hayley points out that there are others who know who Keelin is, and they will come for her. But it’s too late, several of Alistair’s men have already found them, so Hayley knocks Keelin out and takes her someplace safer.

Hayley tells Keelin her only hope for survival is to do exactly as Hayley says. Hayley explains that she needs Keelin’s venom. Hayley’s plan is to get Keelin’s venom, wake Freya, and the Mikaelson witch will help revive the rest of her siblings. Hayley promises to let Keelin go if she cooperates.

Hayley wakes Freya. All of the ingredients for a cure are at the ready, and if Freya doesn’t hurry, Elijah and Kol will die. She’s hopeful that venom from the seven packs, along with some dark objects, Mikaelson blood and her power should do the trick. Unfortunately, Alistair’s men arrive before Freya can even get started.

Hayley goes outside to deal with the interlopers which buys Freya some time.  Freya works her mojo, but the only way to be sure the cure actually works is to test it out.

Hayley is outnumbered but she goes into full-on wolf mode to take out all of Alistair’s guys. Naked and covered in blood, she’s reunited with Elijah. (Guess the cure worked.)

Meet Your Maker

Alistair arrives at the compound along with the other out-of-town vamps. Marcel marches a chained Klaus out for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Marcel gives Alistair a sword laced with his venom, offering it to Alistair to use on Klaus.

Alistair promises Klaus that he’ll find Hope and eradicate his bloodline from the earth (big mistake). Just as Alistair is about to give the death blow, Klaus rallies and rips his throat out. Vincent lifted the spell on his chains for this very special occasion.

Klaus takes out a few others and challenges everyone in the group to “meet their maker (clever turn of phrase with dual meanings). He gets no takers.

Marcel explains to the other vampires that he keeps Klaus alive for his blood, just in case the wolves get out of line. He keeps him alive in case the Mikaelsons comes back. He keeps him akuve because he can. Marcel is the one who put Klaus down, keeps him down and is the only one who can keep the Original from coming after all of them. They’re free to visit the city, but New Orleans belongs to him, so they need to behave and never question his authority.

Vincent brings Klaus some blood, and Klaus promises that as long as remains in Nola, his enemies will flock to the city and cause all sorts of trouble. The likely outcome is that when one of them tries to get to him, he’ll manage to escape. When that happens, Klaus will seek his own justice.

Vincent talks about Cami and how she believed Klaus still had some in him. Vincent can’t figure out why Klaus is so hell bent on proving her wrong (ouch).

Klaus doesn’t stop with his threats to Vincent. When Marcel comes calling, Klaus has a few choice words for his former protégé. He believes the real reason Marcel is keeping him alive is because he needs him. Marcel is just a sad imitation of the real things. His taunts provoke Marcel into sticking him with Papa Tunde’s blade.

Welcome Back

Elijah wants to know all about Hope, and Hayley tells him her daughter made her promise that Hayley would get the ENTIRE family back. With all of Mikaelsons awake (we don’t see Kol or Rebekah who presumably take off to grab a bite) all they need to do is free Klaus. Watch out New Orleans, the first family is back.

Marcel may have gotten rid of Alistair, kept his prize and earned some respect, but there’s still trouble brewing in the form of some ominous occult symbols springing up all over the city, and Hope appears to be tied to them somehow.

Was the Mikaelsons’ reawakening anti-climactic? How will the Mikaelsons defeat Marcel and all his guys? Is a war about to erupt between the witches and the vampires?

(Image Courtesy of The CW).


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