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‘Prison Break’ Recap: Does Sara Reunite with Michael?

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‘Prison Break’ Recap: Does Sara Reunite with Michael?


In this episode of Prison Break, titled “Wine Dark Sea,” Lincoln and Whip rush Michael to Greece where he can receive medical care, Sara learns the truth about what happened to Michael, and Poseidon’s identity is revealed.

Little Mike is drawing a picture, and Sara comments on how good he’s gotten. Mike’s subject is a Greek hero who has been injured. He tells Sara that they all get hurt sooner or later, but that’s what is great about them; they’re no superheroes. They’re real, and they can die.

Greece is the Word

This is the perfect little prologue before revisiting an ailing Michael. He made it to Phaeacia, but Cyclops slashed him with a weapon coated in antifreeze. Whip encourages his friend to “hang in there,” but Michael isn’t looking so good. Ja has managed to find someone in the village who is planning a smuggling run to Greece. The man has offered to take Michael along and get him to a first world doctor, but Linc points out that most of the world knows Michael as Kaniel Outis, and they’ll arrest him on sight. Whip questions if Linc would prefer to let Michael die, which causes Linc to threaten Whip that if he ever suggests anything like that again he’ll kill him.

Linc does think there may be another option. He calls Sara, who is just starting to settle back into domestic bliss. Linc asks Sara if she happens to have any “off the book” connections in Greece, but she says that’s not the way to go. Michael’s going to need a transfusion, among many things, and his blood type is B negative, which also happens to be incredibly rare. Michael won’t survive while they look for a donor, so the only option is to bring one to him.

Sara tells Jacob that Michael is alive, and she has to go to Crete. This is a lot of information for Jacob to process, and he worries about Sara’s safety (among other things). He doesn’t want her to go, but Sara could not live with herself if she let her son’s father die. Jacob stops just short of issuing Sara an ultimatum, knowing he’d come up on the losing end.

Ja decides he’s going to stay behind in Phaeacia. He thanks Michael for giving him his life back. The men head out, and Michael’s condition deteriorates quickly. He’s not sure he’ll survive the 12-hour boat ride to Crete.

A&W and Van Gogh are Made

A&W and Van Gogh, two of the most inept assassins ever, learn that the State Department is asking questions about 21-Void. Van Gogh is a lot more concerned with A&W, who is convinced that Poseidon will clean house.

We don’t know yet what went down with A&W and Van Gogh when they met with Elvis, but now they’re dealing with Kishida. By killing Abu Ramal, Kaniel Outis did the US government a service, so he wants to know why the assassins are still hunting Outis down. Kishida found out that A&W and Van Gogh paid a visit to the NSA. He’s also figured out that the twosome don’t work for the CIA, which is apparently the story they told him.  

A&W denies being at NSA, but Kishida has a photo of them, sent to him by a contact. He threatens to prosecute the duo if they don’t come clean. A&W takes out a gun and shoots Kishida in the head.

Sara Sees Michael

Linc, Whip and Michael arrive in Crete, and Lincoln tasks Whip with keeping Michael’s spirits up. This shouldn’t be hard to do since Michael is practically comatose and looks like a corpse. Whip still delivers a pep talk. Michael can’t die because he still has to tell Whip why exactly it is that he’s Michael’s “whip hand.” He also feels like he and Michael have been brothers since they first met. Whip’s also having a little trouble figuring out where he fits in now that Lincoln is on the scene. He’s feeling like the third wheel.  

Sara arrives and sees her long-lost husband for the first time. Their reunion is no less touching just because Michael is on death’s door. They both begin to cry, and Sara promises to fix him up. Sara happens to be O negative, which makes her a universal donor. Talk about destiny. Linc questions if Michael will live, and Sara says yes. A few hours and Michael will be good as new.

Whip apologizes for being a dick to Lincoln. He thinks Michael is lucky to have him and Sara. Linc says Whip is part of the family now too. Then the two begin to brainstorm how the hell they’re going to get out of Crete. They find themselves in a “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” kind of situation. Linc places a call to Sucre. Sucre informs Linc that his boss charges 50K to rent the boat. After throwing money all over the Middle East, suddenly Linc is crying poor.

Marital Woes

Michael starts to recover, and he promises to answer all of Sara questions, but first he wants to see a picture of his son. Sara hands him her phone, and as Michael scrolls through the pics, he spots one of Sara and Jacob. Michael confirms that Jacob is Poseidon.

Sara feels like an idiot for buying into Jacob’s story. She wants to know who Jacob really is. Michael tells her that Jacob is a CIA operative (deep cover stuff) who runs a splinter cell called 21-Void. He targeted Michael for his particular set of skills. He threatened to go after Sara and Linc, throwing them in jail if Michael didn’t comply. Then he proved he could by getting Sara put away.

Sara questions why Michael would come back now. Michael reveals that four years ago, Poseidon betrayed him. He set up a meeting that was supposed to be about Michael’s next assignment. Poseidon failed to tell Michael that they were meeting a man named Harlan Gaines, who also happened to be the Deputy Director of the CIA. Gaines was investigating 21-Void, looking for the traitor behind it. That’s when Michael discovered that his work wasn’t sanctioned by the CIA. Poseidon shot and killed Gaines and told Michael to move the body and make it look like it never happened. Michael knew he was being set up, but there was nothing he could do.

When Michael realized that Poseidon had gone rogue, that’s when he began to formulate a plan to get his life back. He’s got a way to protect everyone and make things right.

Sara realizes that she left their son with a rogue CIA operative. Michael tells Sara that Jacob/Poseidon won’t hurt Mike as long as he doesn’t suspect that she knows who he really is. But if she removes his mask, he’ll lash out. Michael instructs Sara to wear her own mask, and as soon as the opportunity presents itself, she needs to disappear with Mike. Michael promises to get to the States and find her as soon as he can. Sara also gives Linc her grandmother’s engagement ring to help subsidize their boat trip.

Sex Dolls on the High Seas

Sucre arrives in Crete with a very big cargo ship. (He was nearby in Morocco.) Sucre introduces the guys to his very corrupt captain, who  just wants his money.

Michael is surprised that Sucre is working on a boat, and Sucre points out that not many employers are lining up to hire someone with his record. Plus, the ship provides opportunities for Sucre’s side business: life-size sex dolls.

Sara Plans Her Escape

Sara arrives home to a very amorous Jacob, who also wants to know all about Michael. Sara tells her husband that Michael’s not the same man she used to know, so she stabilized him, they dropped her at the airport and that was that.

Sara goes upstairs to check on Mike, but he’s not there. Jacob says he’s at a sleepover. Sara’s jump, and Jacob notices that her ring is missing. Sara claims she lost it.

Sara calls her best friend, Heather, and asks the woman to pick up Michael. She also instructs Heather to keep Mike with her.

Jacob gets a call from Van Gogh, who tells him that a Naval alert has just gone out that Kaniel Outis has been spotted on a cargo ship in the Mediterranean. (The captain reported him.) A SEAL team has been deployed with the orders to seek and destroy.

You Sank My Cargo Ship

The Navy closes in on the ship. They board the ship and begin their search for Michael. The find Sucre bound and gagged who says the men went out the window. Sucre is questioned, and he swears he doesn’t know any Kaniel Outis. He got a call from an old friend named Scolfield requesting a ride.

Sucre sends the SEALs on a wild goose chase, directing them towards the captain’s illegal cargo of guns and ammo. He knocks out the captain, damages the controls and trashes the navigation system and rejoins his friends. The boat is knocked off course, heading out of international waters. If they stay to finish the job, it could cause a diplomatic incident. So the Navy pulls their team.

The Navy may be gone, and Michael realizes that the next play is to bomb the ship. He and the guys jump ship just in time.

Sara gets a gun that she keeps stashed in a secret hiding place and decides to confront Jacob. She wants to know everything. Jacob says it’s their life, and it’s not even close to over. He swears that Mike’s life was never in danger. Jacob loves him and helped to raise. him. Sara questions what Jacob has done.

As Heather makes her way into her house with Mike, they are met by Van Gogh.

Is Jacob more believable as a good guy or a bad guy? Was the reunion between Michael and Sara anticlimactic? Does Sara have the worst taste in men ever? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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