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Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. On the June 6 season finale of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Kailyn and Javi finally decided to get a divorce. But the reasoning behind their split may surprise you. Plus, Jeremy shacks up with another woman, which upsets Leah.

After a lot of arguments about their future, Kailyn and Javi decided to get divorced on the June 6 season finale of Teen Mom 2. Thanks to Kailyn’s big mouth, it was something we knew was coming, but we still hoped it wouldn’t.

Kailyn and Javi made the decision to go their separate ways after she told Javi she doesn’t want to have anymore kids. Instead, she said she wants to focus on her career after graduation. Unfortunately, Javi desperately wants to have more children and neither one of them was willing to budge for the other. So Javi said if Kailyn was sure about splitting then she should get the divorce started. That way, when he finally gets back, the process will have already started. Poor Issac. We can only imagine how heartbroken he’s going to be when he finds out they’re splitting.

Meanwhile, Leah discovered Jeremy started dating another woman. She told her friend it was a bit upsetting, but she wasn’t going to pursue Jeremy because she didn’t want to disrespect his new girlfriend the way she disrespected Miranda. (lol!) And later, when Jeremy abandoned their daughter so he could take his new girlfriend to pick up her daughter, Leah got pissed. But we think she got pissed for an entirely different reason.

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Jenelle got into another fight with her mom about Jace — surprise, surprise. She and David argued with Barbara about who was going to drive further to exchange Jace. It was a power move on Jenelle’s part, and it just proved how immature she really is. Then, she told Jace why she initially lost custody of him, but she failed to mention anything about drugs. Instead, she just told him she didn’t have a house at the time. Then, when she called Barbara up to scream at her, she let Jace hear the whole conversation… on purpose. She wanted to turn Jace on Barbara by letting him hear her screaming at her. Jenelle believes she’s now living a more stable life, so she should get custody of Jace back.

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And the only thing Chelsea did this week was show Cole the wedding ring she picked out for him, and then, they talked about how many kids they want together. Chelsea said she’s adamant about starting right after they get married. Chelsea said something about Cole putting something inside her, and we thought that was pretty hot. In fact, we’re pretty jealous.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you surprised Kailyn and Javi are getting divorced? Should Leah and Jeremy get back together? Are you a fan of Cole’s wedding ring? And should Jenelle get custody of Jace back? Tell us below!

June 7, 2016

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June 7, 2016

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