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Thursday is the first live eviction of Big Brother 18 and while the result may not be much of a surprise, something else will be. All signs point to Jozea being evicted, potentially with a blindside, which should create some fireworks. But the new CBS promo for the episode also promises that Julie Chen will deliver a “shocking surprise.”

What does this mean? Well, the Internet is already abuzz with speculation, whether it’s based on earlier rumors or speculation inside the house. Here are the top guesses.

A Pre-Jury Evicted HG Will Return

The most likely surprise is that one of the first 3-5 HGs who get evicted will get the chance to re-enter the game. For the past three seasons the show has used a competition to let one of the first four jury members come back, but this year may be different. In seasons 3, 6, 9 and 13, one of the first HGs evicted got to come back, either through a public vote or a competition (or both).

The last time it happened was a season that also included returning players, so it’s possible that the producers added this twist so that, if one of the fan favorites got out early, they’d have a chance to return. Adding more fuel to this speculation is that Glenn’s exit interviews were done by e-mail and he hasn’t been spotted since his eviction, even though early eviction interviews are typically done by phone or in person and the HGs quickly emerge on social media.

Even the HGs inside the house are suspicious. Da’Vonne in particular has theorized about someone returning early in the season, which has led to her deciding to record a nice goodbye message for Jozea as opposed to saying what she really wanted to say. So it’s possible that Julie’s shocking surprise will be informing Jozea that he might get a second chance in the game.

No Vote Counts

For some reason, this has been a rumor circulating online for a while now, that Julie will not be reading the actual vote count during the live eviction. So instead of saying “By a vote of 7 to 4,” she’d just announce who got evicted. In theory, this could help prevent the recent trend of house voting, with most people scared to go against the majority. If no one will find out that you didn’t vote with the house, people might be more willing to do it.

Unfortunately, this twist would also hurt paranoia. Some of the best moments of crazy scheming come when there’s one vote no one can account for and the HGs go nuts trying to figure out who voted for who. I suppose they could still speculate, but this twist would make a blindside easier to cover-up and it wouldn’t be very shocking for viewers.

A New Houseguest

OK, this is a longshot, but maybe the HGs will get another player in the game. I’m still concerned about the 99-day season because there are only 16 HGs and one got evicted on the second night. If they do two double evictions and even if there is a returning player, there’s still one extra week that they need to fill. In theory they could do a reset when they disband the teams or a rewind like in season 16 or even have a second player return to the game after being evicted (one pre-jury and one post-jury), but those seem a tad dull.

A secret 17th HG would be a different wrinkle, though I can’t imagine  they’ve had someone in sequester for this long waiting to come in after everyone else had two weeks. Let’s just hope Corey doesn’t have a twin.

The Brenchel Baby

This wouldn’t be all that shocking or a surprise, but Rachel Reilly and her husband Brendan had their first child about three months ago, so I have no doubt that at some point this season, we’ll get an interview with them and footage of the first Big Brother baby. I wouldn’t put it past the show to count this as a “shocking surprise.”

What do you think the shocking surprise will be? Is someone coming back or will yet another new twist be added to the game? Big Brother 18 airs Thursday at 9pm.

(Image courtesy of CBS)

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