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In the fifth episode of Guilt, “The Eye of the Needle,” Grace is rescued by a stranger, only to realize that the guy might have been Molly’s stalker. When Natalie discovers that her sister is missing, she teams up with Bruno to search for Grace. Meanwhile, Patrick poses as a client to gain entrance to the sex club in the hopes that it will lead him to Molly’s killer.

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Is Grace in Danger?

The episode opens with Bruno and Natalie recovering from their bedroom activities from the night before. Bruno notices a scar on Natalie’s back and asks her about it. We get some backstory for Natalie as she tells Bruno that she got the scar when she was 16. One night, she snuck out to go to a friend’s party and her father came to pick her up. The weather was terrible and they got into an accident on the way home. Natalie fractured her spine and her father died from his injuries. Natalie blames herself for it, though Bruno tells her that she was just being a normal teenager and it wasn’t her fault. Bruno ignores a text from Prince Theo’s henchman so he can focus on Natalie.

While Natalie spends the morning with Bruno, Grace is at Scotland Yard waiting for word on Luc. He’s still in custody, and she is freaking out. Stan eventually comes out to tell her that the charges are serious and Luc will not be getting out on bail. He also tells her that she might want to consider finding a new boyfriend. Graces leaves and runs into a horde of reporters waiting for her. She is rescued by a seemingly well-meaning stranger who gets her away from the press.

During her ordeal with the press, Grace’s phone was broken. She is desperate to get in touch with Natalie, so when the stranger offers to fix her phone for her, Grace is grateful. The guy, Neville, says he can take her to the shop he works at because it will have the tools he needs to repair her phone. Grace agrees to go with him.

When Natalie finally checks her phone, she realizes she has a lot of missed messages from Grace. Natalie tries calling Grace but cannot get in touch with her. Natalie is concerned, so she and Bruno go back to the hotel, but Grace isn’t there. Natalie gets a news alert about a press story involving Grace and sees footage that the press got of Grace going off with Neville. Natalie doesn’t recognize the guy, but with the recent threats against Grace, she is worried he might try to hurt Grace.

Bruno uses facial recognition software to try to identify the man Grace went off with. There is no match for him in the system, but Bruno eventually realizes that he has seen the guy before. Neville is the son of the woman whose apartment is directly across from Molly’s. Bruno realizes that Neville must have been the one who took the photo of Molly and that he might be her stalker.

Grace is Attacked

Once they get to Neville’s sewing shop, Grace is quick to realize that things are a bit off. She notices a dress in the shop that looks exactly like one Molly had. Neville claims that he is just doing alterations on the dress for a customer, but Grace eventually figures out that Neville was Molly’s stalker. (Her biggest clue as to his identity is when she spots Molly’s stolen monkey in the shop.) Grace tries to leave, but Neville has locked her in. They fight, and Grace gets pushed to the ground.

When she comes to, Neville tries to explain himself. He claims he watched Molly from his window, but he never touched her, let alone killed her. Grace plays along until she sees an opening. When Neville is distracted, Grace grabs a pair of scissors and stabs Neville in the leg. She steals his keys and gets out of the shop, but he catches up to her before she can get away. He then holds the scissors to her throat.

Bruno and Natalie eventually get the location of Neville’s shop from Neville’s mother, and they arrive just in time to see him holding Grace hostage. Natalie manages to talk Neville down by pointing out how disappointed his mother would be in him if he hurts Grace. Neville eventually releases Grace, and Bruno takes him into custody.

Patrick Searches for the Truth

While all of that is going on, Patrick decides to go undercover at the sex club that Molly worked at. He has blueprints of the club and tracks down one of the members. He threatens to tell the man’s wife about his activities unless the guy gets him into the club. The man, who is apparently a member of Parliament, says Patrick is a cousin and the club makes an exception to let Patrick in without vetting him.

Patrick eventually makes his way to Finch’s office and finds the club’s client ledger. He almost gets caught leaving the office, but Roz’s girlfriend, Kaley, covers for him. Kaley takes him into one of the rooms and tells him that there are cameras everywhere. While she questions him about why he is at the club, she starts undressing him so he appears to be just another client.

When Kaley is late for her appointment with Prince Theo, Roz checks the cameras and sees her with Patrick. Roz then covers for Kaley with Prince Theo. Roz claims that Kaley is sick but says that Theo will be satisfied with her replacement. Theo is not pleased about this change, and this leads to an argument with Roz. Roz all but accuses Theo of hurting Molly, but she tries to cover the accusation by saying she is just upset about what happened to her friend. Theo cools off and says he thinks Molly might have been the only person who really understood him.

After Roz handles things with Theo, she tracks down Kaley and confronts her about the mess Kaley’s gotten them into. Kaley thinks Roz is jealous that she pretended to sleep with Patrick in order to cover for him, but Roz is angry because Patrick stole from Finch, and if Finch finds out they had anything to do with it, he will have them both killed.

Roz is right to be worried. When Finch realizes the ledger is missing, he pays a visit to the man who brought Patrick into the club and gets the guy to admit that Patrick threatened him to gain entry to the club. The guy claims he doesn’t know Patrick’s real name, but Finch still knocks him out. Will Finch torture this man for information he doesn’t have or will he just kill him? Finch seems a bit too obvious to be Molly’s killer, but the guy certainly doesn’t have problems getting rid of people who pose a threat to his business.

Now that Patrick has his hands on the client ledger, he searches through it to find a list of Molly’s clients. It turns out Molly only had one client — “Gentleman 33.” We know this man is Prince Theo, but how long will it be before Patrick figures this out?

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Stan Confronts Gwen

Stan doesn’t have much to do in this episode, but he does stop by to see Gwen. He points out all the problems surrounding Luc’s arrest and makes it clear that he doesn’t think the charges will stick. Alas, the magistrate cannot see them until the morning, so Stan has to wait until tomorrow to get Luc out. Gwen tells her people that they have 22 hours to get Luc to talk. (I find it odd that Stan is allowed to represent so many different people — Grace, James and now Luc — involved in the same case. Will he be able to keep all of his clients out of jail?)

Bruno Eliminates a Suspect

Prince Theo’s henchman catches Bruno after his morning with Natalie and asks Bruno why he has been ignoring his attempts at communication. Bruno points out that he has been taken off Molly’s case, but Theo’s henchman still thinks Bruno can be of use. He tells Bruno to find a viable suspect, plant Molly’s blood on their clothes and use that to close the case. Bruno doesn’t want to plant evidence, but the henchman reminds him that it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done it.

Alas, when Bruno attempts to plant the blood on Neville’s clothing, he notices the scissors in Neville’s shop. The person who killed Molly was right-handed, but all of Neville’s scissors are for someone who is left-handed. Bruno decides against planting the evidence. Neville may have been Molly’s stalker, but he didn’t kill her.

What Secret are Grace and Luc Hiding?

As the episode comes to a close, Grace convinces Natalie that they should go out for a night of dancing. Only, the dancing is just a cover for what Grace really wants to do. Grace apparently talks Natalie into getting her in to see Luc. Upon seeing her boyfriend, Grace asks Luc if the police questioned him about that night. Luc says they didn’t. Grace reminds him that he can never talk about what happened that night, and Luc agrees that it will be their secret.

Did Grace and Luc kill Molly together or are they discussing another crime? And speaking of Grace, did she know Neville was Molly’s stalker before she went to the shop with him? Natalie tells Bruno that Grace has always been too trusting, but everything we know of Grace tells us otherwise. Since Neville ended up implicating himself in Molly’s murder, is it possible that Grace went with him hoping she could get the police to turn their attention to Neville instead of her? Grace has been shown to be a master manipulator, after all.

What did you think of this episode of Guilt? What do you think of Bruno essentially clearing Neville of Molly’s murder instead of setting him up for it? Why do you think Kaley covered for Patrick at the club? Does she just feel bad for the guy because his sister was murdered or is there something else going on? Will Gwen go over the evidence from Molly’s case and realize that they missed something? Will she figure out that Bruno is being blackmailed to tamper with evidence or will Bruno eventually come clean on his own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Guilt airs Monday nights at 9pm on Freeform.

(Image courtesy of Freeform)

July 18, 2016
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