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The more “competitive tickling” web moguls hide from two New Zealand filmmakers, the harder they’re pursued in this uncomfortably hilarious doc

Ever heard of Competitive Endurance Tickling (CET)? Neither had David Farrier, a TV reporter from New Zealand whose beat consists of all things out-there and bizarre: lizard-eating survivalists, costumed metal bands, an older woman known as the “donkey lady.” Farrier’s segments tended to act as lighthearted palate cleansers, so his interest was piqued by a video of young men in sportswear holding each other down and making their “competitors” squirm in discomfort.

When he reached out to the production company responsible for an interview, the openly gay Kiwi was met with a homophobic dismissal. He and collaborator Dylan Reeve set about documenting this odd, increasingly Kafkaesque process almost instantly, with “Tickled” serving in part as a documentary about its own making. “If anything,” Farrier says of the swift legal action he was threatened with for merely trying to draw attention to what he’d come across, “it made me more curious than ever.”

Watching his film is a similar experience, and one that rewards our curiosity. “Tickled” inspires many laughs throughout but, true to its subject, more and more of them are born of discomfort as it goes on — part of you wants it all to stop even as you’re amused. But it doesn’t. Instead, the rabbit hole just deeper as Farrier (who narrates and frequently appears on camera) uncovers one oddity after another of the sort that’ll have even the most jaded internet addicts crying uncle.

In an apparent attempt to dissuade Farrier and Reeve from continuing with their project, the production company responsible for CET eventually flies three employees to Auckland. Farrier’s impulse is to disarm the situation with deflective humor — including a handmade sign welcoming his new guests to New Zealand upon their arrival at the airport — but those attempts are met with resistance by the representatives, who warn him against proceeding with the documentary.

“We have no control over what the spin would be,” one of them says after logging his displeasure at even being filmed in the first place. The harder this trio tries to get the filmmakers to see it their way, however, the more determined Farrier and Reeve become to bring this strangeness to light.

And it really is strange: CET quickly reveals itself as a kind of softcore fetish porn exclusively performed by young men, many of them low-level athletes or struggling actors. Farrier and Reeve reached out to several of them about being interviewed for the documentary, but only one wasn’t too reluctant to actively contribute. He tells a story of “acting” in one of these videos, eventually having it taken down, and then facing an onslaught of threats and harassment for his apparent transgression.

Not every turn in their journey is a dark one, however, such as their meeting with a Florida purveyor of fetish porn who specializes in the tickling genre. Affable and well-spoken, he compares it to a mellower version of whips and chains, a means of asserting dominance without inducing actual physical pain. “Tickle torture,” as he calls it, is just another form of control, and ultimately one of the tamer aspects of this documentary.

More precise details are best left to the film itself, but suffice to say that “Tickled” is the concept of “stranger than fiction” writ large. Each new revelation is more bizarre than the last, and yet it all adheres to its own bizarre sort of logic, the kind that seems inevitable in hindsight. Farrier is known for his offbeat segments, but his investigative chops continually impress; ditto his and Reeve’s willingness to keep going with this, often at their own peril.

“Portlandia” star talks about turning the world’s greatest docs into the funniest — even if you never saw ‘Grey Gardens’ or ‘Nanook of the North.’

A version of this story first appeared in the print edition of TheWrap Magazine’s The Race Begins Emmy Issue. Never mind that he is a co-creator, writer and star of the IFC series”Portlandia,” and that he serves as the bandleader on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” and that he also acts in movies and does live comedy shows. Fred Armisen decided to add another TV series to his plate this past season, co-creating and starring in “Documentary Now!”, a wickedly funny sendup of various documentaries that had a six-episode run on IFC and has now been renewed for two more seasons. “I want to obliterate my life with work,” said Armisen, 49, with a smile. “I want to just bury everything, because I love doing it so much. I like the feeling of ‘there’s too much, how am I gonna handle this?’ It’s a little bit like juggling, and there’s a high to that.”

Photographed by Jana CruderHe created “Documentary Now!” with former “Saturday Night Live” castmates Seth Meyers and Bill Hader and director Rhys Thomas, creating twists on famous nonfiction films like “Grey Gardens,” “Nanook of the North” and “The Thin Blue Line.” And if his audience hasn’t seen the films the show is parodying?

Photographed by Jana Cruder”We were hoping that it would survive on its own whether people had seen them or not,” he said. “I remember that when I was a kid, I’d watch political sketches on “SNL” and not have any idea who they were talking about, but it would work for me anyway. That gave us the confidence to do this.”

Photographed by Jana Cruder Watch the interview below:   See more of TheWrap Magazine’s The Race Begins Emmy Issue:

For TheWrap Magazine cover story, stars of “Key & Peele” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” discuss comedic inspirations and why they keep breaking into song

A version of this story first appeared in the print edition of TheWrap Magazine’s Emmy Issue The Race Begins. Her show is in its first year of Emmy eligibility and his is in its last — but apart from that inconvenient fact, Rachel Bloom and Keegan-Michael Key have a lot in common. Both come from the theater and improvisational comedy, and both became known as stars and co-creators of their television series, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Key & Peele.” Bloom’s show, developed as a half-hour sitcom for Showtime but expanded into an hour-long show for The CW, is the deliciously uncomfortable saga of a young woman who moves across the country to be near a guy she’s got a crush on, and it manages to throw two to four musical numbers into each episode. Key’s is a made-for-viral sketch comedy show that racked up six Emmy nominations last year and is looking for more for its final season. The two sat down with TheWrap to discuss their inspirations, the state of TV comedy and when to call it quits.

Photographed by William Callan / Styling by Jordan GrossmanWhen you were starting to think about getting into this business, what kind of career did you want? KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY All I wanted in the whole world was to be Robert De Niro, or at least figure out what it was that made him tick. I remember when I wrote my essay for graduate school, I said, “I want to learn how to be an actor, not a movie star.” And the way I always made that distinction in my mind was with the Roberts. When I saw Robert Redford, whether he’s got a beard, whether he’s a cowboy or a lawyer, I saw Robert Redford. When I saw Robert De Niro, he wasn’t there. So when I was young, the people I looked up to that I wanted to be like were Robert De Niro and Johnny Depp, who was a much younger man at the time. He always plays different things, and that’s what I always wanted in my life. I wanted to learn a sense of range. And then it shifted, and I thought, “No, I’m going to be in the theater for the rest of my life. I’m going to be poor and happy. I could be a movie star, but I don’t know how to do that. So instead of being happy and rich, I’ll just be happy and poor.” Rachel, what did you envision? RACHEL BLOOM For me, show business was always the only option. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to do anything but. And I was a musical theater kid all the way. I looked up to people like Ethel Merman, Vivian Blaine. And then as I got older, and you start to become a real musical theater geek, that’s when you start looking at people like Sutton Foster and Donna Lynne Champlin, who’s now on my show. I listened to her on cast albums in middle school and high school. I really wanted to go the Broadway route. I liked writing, but because I wanted to be a Broadway star, there was no pressure — I wasn’t looking to be a writer, necessarily. But that’s where I found my joy, especially writing sketch comedy. It wasn’t the area where I’d put all this pressure on myself for so many years, so I could actually learn a new skill. Writing is really something I came to later, because it was Broadway star all the way.

Photographed by William Callan / Styling by Jordan Grossman”My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” incorporates Broadway-style songs into the show — and “Key & Peele” has used songs as well. KEY There are some times when you can go as far as you want, but you will land in the world of arch goofiness. Jordan [Peele] and I never wanted that. And the only way to get beyond arch-goofiness is song and dance. It’s the old adage about musicals: I can no longer express myself this way, I have to sing. Jordan and I are both theater guys, and we were always passionate about being able to perform with every part of your being. BLOOM I also think that musical stuff sometimes gives you a pass to do darker subject matter and keep it comedic in a way that would be harder in a sketch. You can get really, really dark with it. If you were just doing a sketch, it might be too dark and go into drama. But because you’re doing it musically, no matter how dark you go it’s always funny. The musical form has given me a pass for subject matter that I don’t know if I would have the balls to do if it wasn’t in musical form.

Photographed by William Callan / Styling by Jordan Grossman You’re both doing scripted series, but you come from improv comedy backgrounds. How important are improv skills to what you’re doing? BLOOM To us it’s really important. We do a ton of improv on set–and also the guiding principle of where I studied, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, is that the technique is the same for written comedy and improv. Find the game of the scene. What’s the scene about, how do you heighten it? KEY It’s finding a comedic game, and then using the techniques of improv to move the dialogue forward. Playwriting, screenwriting, teleplays — any writing is just you improvising with yourself. BLOOM That’s so true. My writing partner and I, we wrote the pilot and we continue to write scripts line by line improvising together in a room, just based on our story outline. KEY And I think it’s very effective, because then the words feel right in your mouth. Because it’s coming out of a true reaction. BLOOM When you’re alone and in your head, you’re crafting dialogue that you edit before you put it on the screen. But if you’re just, like, saying shit to each other, it’s like, “Oh, that’s so funny what you just kind of blurted out without thinking.” KEY When you’re typing, the logical part of your brain gets in the way. That’s why when you’re watching a television program, you go, “Real people don’t talk that way.” Because the writer was writing logically in their mind. It makes sense, but humans are sloppy. We don’t make sense when we’re speaking all the time. So I think that quality’s there when you’re improvising. You can go back and refine it, but I think if you start with the base of improvisation, when you go back to refine it and polish it, it stays real. BLOOM How much in general are you memorizing your lines word for word? KEY First season? Everything. Because we wanted to make sure that everything was bulletproof. And then second, third, fourth, fifth season we started to open things up more. So now there’s sketches that simply have a premise, and then no holds barred, whatever goes, based off the premise.

Photographed by William Callan / Styling by Jordan GrossmanYou both star in your shows, but you’re also co-creators… BLOOM I’m also the gaffer. Which has been really hard in general, having to gaff oneself. It’s a lot of work, but I feel like, “This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was born.” It’s not a drag, but it’s all-encompassing. KEY It is. Ten-and-a-half months out of the year, from the day you start writing until the day you lock the last episode. And even then when it starts airing you have to be live tweeting and getting things out on social media. That is the job, and it really never stops. Do you ever feel that it’d be nice just to be an actor for hire? BLOOM I love acting, but this experience has spoiled me. I just love to have control over the creation, and I think I’m a writer at heart. Even if I wasn’t acting in something, the idea of creating it, creating that vision and that tone, is so exciting to me. KEY I know that feeling. But I came up as an actor, and to be quite honest I’m more comfortable with it. I like writing, it’s a challenge, but there’s something about being able to delve deeper into the emotional life of another human being. BLOOM There’s something about really immersing yourself in a dramatic role, and doing all your tactics and stuff. I do think it gives you an upper hand when you create something. And it tells me that the way I act when I do Rebecca should be the way I act when I do anything else. It comes from me, it feels like I’m saying it for the first time. I think sometimes before when I was auditioning, I often was just doing an impression of what I thought they wanted, or an impression of what I thought the role was. And no no no, you should interpret everything like you wrote it. KEY I like that, that’s a good technique. I’m going to use that. I’m going to pretend I wrote it.

Rachel, you went from having your show turned down by Showtime to winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy. Keegan, you ended up doing your “Anger Translator” character on stage with President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. What have been the most surreal parts of this journey for you? KEY The thing with Obama was definitely the most surreal for me. And it’s not about meeting the president. People meet presidents, OK? What’s happened that I cannot figure out is that a character literally came to life. For Jordan and I to create a character who serves a function, and then for that function to take place in real life–that’s it, there’s no other answer to that question. That’s clearly the most surreal thing. Rachel, what about you? BLOOM The most surreal moment was, I won the Golden Globe and then they instantly whisk you away to do press. Andy Samberg presented the Golden Globe to me. I was walking off stage and I turned to him and said, “Hey, I was an intern when you were on ‘SNL.'” He said, “Oh, cool.” “Yeah, we said hi in an elevator once!” And then I walked into a room with a lot of press, and there’s Al Roker. It felt like a weird dream, where I won an award, I told Andy Samberg I spoke to him in an elevator and then Al Roker shook my hand. And I was like, “You’re Al Roker!” And he was like, “Yeah, I am.” That whole night felt like a crazy dream. Now that “Key & Peele” is off the air, do you miss it, Keegan? KEY I don’t terribly miss it. I think Jordan and I did exactly what we wanted to achieve, and we’re happy to move on. And then what do we want to do next? We’ve got this Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder model, which is that you go off and you do your life, and then you come back and do another one when it makes sense to you. But you have to make sure it makes sense, which means you have to take care of your money. I want to make sure that it makes S-E-N-S-E, not C-E-N-T-S, you know what I mean? So that we’re doing it for the right reasons. But I don’t particularly miss it. [To Bloom] I know that you’re in the opposite spot, because you’re in the weeds. BLOOM But you’re talking about making what you want to make. With our show, we are doing specifically what we want to do, and I do not feel that this is a show that lasts eight years. When we originally pitched the show, we pitched it as a 50-hour movie, kind of. It’s very serialized, it’s not meant to be a sitcom that spits out copies of itself. I want to see this vision through and then see what’s next. What you’re talking about — you said exactly what you wanted to say and did exactly what felt right — that’s where I am. We just vaguely broke out the overall arc of Season 2 yesterday, and doing that, I now actually have a sense of what Season 3 is. And this is a show that is very specific. It’s meant to say specific things, and I’m going to put all my effort into saying those things as clearly as I can. KEY I completely and utterly recommend doing that. Go British: four seasons, five seasons, out. BLOOM I completely agree. I think that’s the way to go. KEY Make a big fat piece of art, and then get out. View my Flipboard Magazine. Watch the interview below: See more of TheWrap Magazine’s Emmy Issue The Race Begins:

The star of “Key and Peele” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” stop by TheWrap for an interview and photo session

Keegan-Michael Key (“Key & Peele”) and Rachel Bloom (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”)

Photographed by William Callan for TheWrap

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