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Behind the scenes of Everlasting, anything is possible! On UnREAL Season 2 Episode 4, “Treason,” Quinn and Chet go from enemies to partners in a dangerous ploy to make an unforgettable (and unforgivable) moment happen. On the other side, Rachel and Coleman look like the good guys by protecting their Suitor, while trying to save the show.

Check out the most despicable moments from “Treason.”

 UnREAL Recap: Can Coleman and Rachel Defeat a Vengeful Quinn?


Which comment from Quinn made you cringe the most during “Treason”? She had some doozies this week, but none made me recoil in horror as much as when she suggested that Chet suffocate his own baby. Wow. Quinn, you have definitely lost it.

“Yeah, you raise kids, teach them everything you know, and then they grow up to stab you in the back. I’d put a pillow over its face right now. Still young enough to claim SIDS.” – Quinn

Drunk London

No, Drunk London doesn’t refer to the city’s residents after the Brexit vote, though I’m sure there’s a lot of drinking in response. In the UnREAL world, it’s all about Madison getting her girl noticed and who cares about religious beliefs.

Madison convinces London to drink and liven up a bit to get the guy.  It gets even worse than a few drinks. She’s manipulated into tackling Darius to win a one-on-one date. A date she’ll never get, because  they gave her a lot of Pepto Bismol to make her even more sick.

London gets drunk, throws up on Darius, gets put into an ambulance as a stunt and then is brought back for the elimination for Darius to send her home. Poor London. Her parting words says it all, “So I’m just a joke? I’m the drunk Muslim, huh?”

Into the Dirt

Chet and Quinn show their lack of any level of moral code when they put their star Suitor’s life in danger to get the perfect storyline. Chet turns the Powerpuff game into an “bring Darius down into the dirt” match for a one-on-one date.

London tackled him and the other girls piled on. The result: the Everlasting suitor was injured. The response? Huge smiles on both Chet and Quinn’s faces while Darius was on the ground in severe pain. Reprehensible.

UnREAL 204 1.pngSaving Face

While Quinn and Chet’s actions were awful, Rachel’s response wasn’t much better. She convinces Darius to get an epidural to keep the show going. It wasn’t a matter of protecting his career, it was all about her sticking it to Quinn and Chet and saving the show.

Rachel wasn’t able to keep him safe that day on the football field, so why does he believe that she can do it now? She used his mother and niece against him and his fear of not playing ball or providing for his family to convince him to risk being paralyzed. Wow.

There’s Even More

  • Darius turns on his cousin and manager, Romeo, and fires him for being concerned and looking out for the football star. Romeo was right to be concerned and without him in the picture, Darius is a pawn in the Everlasting game.
  • Chet kidnapped his baby! He claims to be a changed man. He declares his love for Quinn and that he wants her back. In fitting fashion, his groveling is interrupted when the cops show up and arrest him.
  • Hot Rachel goes after Jeremy and she steals his keys. Why? What is she plotting? Nothing good!
  • Ruby goes after Darius with a seemingly open heart. What appeared to be an honest moment was definitely not. She said there weren’t cameras. Liar!

UnREAL airs Mondays at 10pm ET on Lifetime.

(Images courtesy of Lifetime.)

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