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Sure, peanut butter and jelly are usually kept on different shelves in different parts of the kitchen, but you know a good time is coming when the two get together. Now replace peanut butter with Stephen Colbert, and jelly with Jon Stewart – the bread can stay where it is – and you’ve got a botched metaphor intended to celebrate the two comedians‘ sweet and savory kinship. Colbert and Stewart will gloriously meet again soon, as the latter will stop by The Late Show during the best possible time: The Republican National Convention.

Thankfully, another person’s appearance on a late night talk show isn’t something that takes lengthy preparation for any of us, and Jon Stewart’s Late Show appearance is coming up quick. He’ll show up for Monday night’s episode, on July 18, to hype up Colbert’s all-live convention coverage for the next two weeks, but he probably won’t be sitting back on a couch or getting behind the desk. The details behind his appearance aren’t being disclosed, according to Vulture, and the sky is really the limit when it comes to Stewart’s potential to amaze. The sky above Cleveland, in particular, where the Republican National Convention will be held for the week.

Jon Stewart, a man whose Daily Show election coverage was fantastic enough to get DVD releases, has been an obvious absence in the political conversation, and his former TV home has still only barely escaped the shadow of its former self. Without Stewart there to share his thoughts on candidates on both sides of the aisle, with a face that smiles and a brain that seethes, we’ve had to just pretend. Note that I’m not hoping he does anything particularly party-leaning. Just something noteworthy in and of itself, like walking through the convention in a Donald Trump mask or watching and discussing convention footage with Ted Cruz. Maybe that would suck. I don’t know.

I guess it’s not healthy to get one’s hopes too far up, since Stewart’s presence at The Late Show isn’t exactly a rarity, given his involvement as executive producer. So he may just come out with a top hat and cane at the beginning of the show to introduce the band. Or he might get a little “Moment of Zen” tag at the end called “Zoment of Men” or whatever because of rights issues. Those would be great, too.

There will be guests appearing on The Late Show during its live run through RNC Week. Daily Show familiar Lewis Black will be there, as will the always hilarious Keegan-Michael Key and Billy Eichner. Tony Goldwyn, the prez on Scandal, will show up too, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren. If only Jon Stewart would be there the entire week to talk to all of them.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights on CBS. Get ready for conventions.

July 15, 2016

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