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We have only started to scratch the surface of the Doctor Strange franchise’s potential. The Sorcerer Supreme debuted in theaters last month, finally bringing magic and mysticism into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in grand fashion. The film successfully adapted a number of exotic and flamboyant Marvel characters, but could a future sequel ever be able adapt a fan-favorite like Clea? According to Doctor Strange screenwriter Jon Spaihts, it would be tough, but not impossible. He explained:

She’s a tricky character to interpret because her uncle is a kind of fire-headed omnipotent god and she’s kind of a hot babe who studies magic. That’s a tricky relationship to bring out of a comic book and on to a movie screen. But she’s a really compelling character as a foil, a love interest, a colleague of Doctor Strange’s, and she always carries with her that width of mystery as to whether she is human, and how human, and what that means for his relationship to her. So we might find a way to introduce her to the story.

Jon Spaihts’ comments to CBR really cut to the core of the comic book movie genre; certain characters are much trickier to nail than others. Clea represents one of the more difficult characters to properly transition from the pages of a comic book into live action because she’s an inherently bizarre and fantastical being. Despite the fact that she’s the niece of the demonic Dormammu, she looks like a human and consistently straddles the line between her human side and her mystical side. It’s mystical drama of the highest order, and it would definitely stretch the limits of what audiences are willing to accept and go with in a comic book movie.

Of course, as Jon Spaihts notes, tricky doesn’t necessarily mean impossible. Marvel already has an incredible track record when it comes to adapting bizarre characters, so it seems incredibly likely that they could nail Clea. Think about it, if a talking raccoon and a giant, walking tree can become two of Marvel’s best characters, then Clea should be a walk in the park.

For those of you who don’t already know, Clea is one of the most important characters from the entire Doctor Strange corner of the Marvel universe. A powerful sorceress from The Dark Dimension, she is the niece of Dormammu and a frequent love interest of Stephen Strange. She has battled alongside the hero numerous times over the years, and even lived with him on Earth at the New York Sanctum. If Strange cannot be with Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) in the near future, then Clea would make a perfect love interest/sorcerer ally for a sequel.

We will keep you up to date with all of the latest and greatest Marvel news as more information becomes available to us. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue its hot streak when James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters on May 5, 2017.

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