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Mr. Douglas has been one of the weirdest parts of a very weird final season of Teen Wolf. Though his arrival was set up at the very end of season 5, he has felt very disconnected from nearly everything that has happened so far. In this episode, titled “Blitzkrieg,” this is finally corrected. The origin of Mr. Douglas is revealed as well as his connection to the Wild Hunt. 

Not only that, but this episode goes into overdrive by delivering an absolutely action-packed hour where everything manages to both come together and go completely to hell. It’s a lot better than that description might sound. It probably would be a stronger episode if some of these events had happened in the last few installments, where nothing occurred, but “Blitzkrieg” is still one pulse-racing hour of TV.

Nazi Werewolf Lowenmensch

Teen Wolf has been very hit or miss when it comes to the backstory of the villains, or their characters in general. On occasion, we get super dark and interesting backstories like the ones provided for Peter and Kate Argent. At other times, we get the half-baked ideas of Theo being a child sociopath and whatever Derek’s tragic backstory was in the season 3 flashback episode, “Visionary.” 

Luckily, the backstory for Douglas is a lot more intriguing and that may just be because the inherent idea of a Nazi werewolf is awesome. It’s not particularly inspired, but still, Nazi monsters are always worth some horror value. The story of Douglas is delivered to us by Theo, who makes a deal with Liam. If Liam destroys the sword that can send him back to hell, Theo will tell Liam the whole story of Douglas. Liam agrees because, as this season has established, he is a stone-cold idiot. 

It turns out that Douglas is not a Nazi werewolf; rather, he is a Nazi lowenmensch. According to Mason, this means Douglas is a part-wolf and part-lion. According to all other sources, a lowenmensch is just a mythological lion-person, so whatever. Back in the 1940s, Douglas joined the Nazis in order to facilitate his greatest dream: an army of supernatural creatures. Now, this is an evil scheme worthy of the final season of Teen Wolf!

Douglas’ plan was to use the Wild Hunt as the foot soldiers in his army, but they were too strong and he was quickly overcome by them. Douglas then turned to the Dread Doctors to get stronger. Douglas ended up getting severely injured as a part of the Dread Doctors’ experiments and was stuffed in their tank, where he eventually received the powers of an Alpha, a lowenmensch and a Ghost Rider. Don’t ask how exactly it happened. Just go with it. 

Wild Hunting Trip

Normally, this would be the source of a relatively laid-back episode of Teen Wolf, but the show goes into overdrive in “Blitzkrieg,” which in retrospect may very well be why the episode is named that, outside of the obvious Nazi connection. Everything happens at dizzying speeds and not a lot of it makes sense, but it looks really cool, which is pretty much Teen Wolf in a nutshell.

While Liam gets the lowdown on the lowenmensch, Douglas goes nuts in Beacon Hills. Douglas corners Melissa and Argent to find out where they are keeping Parrish. Melissa and Argent put up a good fight, but they are no match for someone as ridiculously overpowered as Douglas. Using his stolen Ghost Rider whip, Douglas manages to send them to the Ghost Rider’s train station and get Parrish all to himself.

Melissa and Argent aren’t the only to get whipped out of existence. After they hear Douglas’ origin story, Liam, Mason and Hayden are ambushed by the Wild Hunt. Mason is captured first. I would feel more bad about this, but Mason spends most of the episode crying about Corey getting captured, so my sympathy is at all-time low. You can do so much better, Mason!

Liam and Hayden try to hold the Wild Hunt off, and it goes on way longer than makes any sense. Hayden eventually sacrifices herself to let Liam escape so he can tell Scott about Mr. Douglas. Between this and Mason’s aforementioned tears over Corey, it looks like Teen Wolf is just throwing out that whole thing where people taken by the Wild Hunt are immediately forgotten by those who are left behind.

Mission Mieczyslaw Stilinski

In any case, Liam meets up with Scott and company just as they are trying to figure out how to open a portal. If they are able to open the portal, they can travel to the train station to free Stiles and everyone taken by the Wild Hunt. Sadly, Douglas has beat Liam to the punch and he is already there with Parrish in tow. Douglas controls Parrish and uses him to open the rift and escape to where the Wild Hunt is hiding. Scott and the pack try to follow, but they are stopped by the arrival of the Wild Hunt. They may be evil, but they do have impeccable dramatic timing.

Scott, Lydia, Malia and Liam all escape the Wild Hunt because the plot demands it. Peter sacrifices himself to save Malia because his last attempt didn’t work, and the four “teenagers” are left alone thinking they are the only people left in Beacon Hills, except they are not. Sheriff Stilinski is still around, and he has fully remembered his son. (There’s also a slight part where the Sheriff banishes his ghost wife, finally realizing that she is imaginary. But since Claudia always felt fake, no tears from Linden Ashby moves me on that front.)

The Sheriff proudly announces to the shell-shocked gang that he has a son and his name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski. There it is. Stiles’ first name is finally revealed! More important than that, however, is that the Sheriff lets everyone know that when he remembered everything about Stiles, a portal opened up for just a second in Stiles’ bedroom. This leads Scott to believe that if they can all remember everything about Stiles, they will be able to re-open the portal and save everyone they have lost. It is kind of a silly solution, but I’m sure it will reduce to me to a puddle of shameful tears when Teen Wolf revisits all of Stiles’ greatest moments in the next episode.  

What do you think? How do you feel about Mr. Douglas now? Does Stiles’ first name fit him? Are you way more interested in Mr. Douglas than the Wild Hunt or is it vice versa for you? Was there too much happening in the episode or just the perfect amount?

(Image courtesy of MTV)

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