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It was personal for TAC in Bull‘s “Stockholm Syndrome,” when a woman posed as a potential mock juror and detonated a bomb in their offices. She wanted them to take her husband’s case, insisting he didn’t kill anyone. It was a case from Danny’s FBI past, one that resulted in her and Dr. Bull on opposite sides.

Here are the times Dr. Bull was against and stood by Danny in “Stockholm Syndrome.”

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Danny Hated Their “Scumbag” Case

Bull 112 scumbags.jpgShe was stuck spending her time digging up dirt on a scumbag CEO being sued by a scumbag COO because they were fighting over their business. But as Dr. Bull pointed out, it was a high-dollar case like that that paid for a dozen cases where clients were in need and deserved their help.

Danny Couldn’t Believe Dr. Bull Was Going to Re-run the Trial

“We’re stuck here,” he said, reminding her, “You wanted to try a case with meaning today.”

Dr. Bull Wanted the Jury to Question Danny and Her Memory

Dr. Bull was taking the position of the defense lawyer, with Benny prosecuting. As he warned Danny beforehand, he’d have many questions for her when she took the stand, like why wasn’t she seen in the next room, what her state of mind was, what she was doing, when she last slept, if her view was obstructed and why she didn’t testify.

During the voir dire, Benny emphasized trusting the uniform, planning to put Danny’s testimony at the center of his case. However, Dr. Bull made the jurors question their memory of the trauma they just experienced, specifically, how many explosions there were. The case hinged on memory, and memories could be altered (by time, repetition, etc.) Benny wanted a jury that trusted Danny and her memory, while Jason wanted one that trusted neither.

And it would help Dr. Bull that Danny missed multiple check-ins and scheduled drug tests while undercover and she left the FBI not long after the case. He was ready to paint her as a corrupt agent who drove a peaceful woman to this act of madness.

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Dr. Bull Attacked Danny on the Stand

While Benny had her list the facts of her undercover work, including how she had to get close to her target, and what she saw, including why Gordon Guthrie was on her radar, Dr. Bull’s plan was to make sure the jury wouldn’t believe a word that she said when he was done with her. Bring it on, she told him. “Danny needs to resolve her past,” he shared. “I’m going to attack her, and it’s going to help.”

Bull 112 Danny on the stand.jpgAnd attack her he did, questioning just how much she could have seen through the one-inch crack in the bathroom door with one of her eyes closed and under the influence of a narcotic with hallucinogenic properties, which Vega had put in the drinks. She followed protocol and induced vomiting, Danny argued.

Dr. Bull then brought up Danny not testifying and leaving the FBI under suspicious circumstances, that no one trusted her. She hadn’t told Jason this before today, he commented. But she didn’t care what he had to say, even suggesting that maybe she should’ve set off a bomb to get his attention because, “then maybe you’d believe me.”   

Dr. Bull Proved Danny Could Be Trusted

Though the jury delivered a not guilty verdict for Gordon Guthrie, Dr. Bull explained that was only one way it could’ve gone. He shaped a narrative to get specific people to believe a specific version of reality, showing that even well-meaning people could be blinded to the truth. 

The truth was, Dr. Bull said, Danny would never put an innocent man in prison. And if he had been on the side of justice, Dr. Bull would have asked Danny when Gordon ended up on her radar, about the meeting that night and what he had been wearing. Danny had all those answers. Gordon was guilty.

Dr. Bull Told Danny He Believed in Her “Completely”

Bull 112 Bull believes in Danny.jpgHe knew she quit the FBI because they couldn’t recognize the devotion she brought to her work. They might not be the bureau, “but what we do matters to people,” he said to her. “And I believe in you completely.”

Bull airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS. Want more news? Like our Bull Facebook page.

(Images courtesy of CBS)

January 25, 2017
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