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wraps up in an explosive two-part season 7 finale, titled “Same Old Frenemies Part 1” and “Same Old Frenemies Part 2.” If viewers thought the issues were intense before, it all comes to a head as the seventh season ends. 

The first part of the highly-anticipated finale kicks off at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh as the team gears up for what they’ve been waiting all season for: the Nationals competition. A lot of the dancers and their moms reflect on how far the team has come from the first competition to now. As for Abby, there’s an underlying question of what her future holds as she faces possible jail time.

Nationals, Here We Come!

Abby enters the dance studio on a positive note and even opts out of breaking down the pyramid for the week. But in true Abby form, she doesn’t let up on the pressure. It might not have been the best timing, but Kendall’s mom invites all of the ladies to her music video premiere for the following weekend. That doesn’t stop Abby from getting emotional when she thinks of the progress she and the ALDC have accomplished as well as the idea of leasing her studio out to someone else. She shakes it off before she reveals who will have the solos at Starbound Nationals.

Lilliana gets a solo called “Dear Lily Love Dad,” and Elliana receives the solo for “Munich.” They’re up against each other for the junior solos. Kalani gets the solo for the “Who Do You Think You Are?” routine, one that Abby describes as “very mature and sophisticated.” The final solo, called “Winner Takes It All,” is handed to Brynn. The name alone puts pressure on Brynn to win. She and Kalani are competing for the senior solo.

But while Maesi’s mother is concerned about whether her daughter will get to dance at all, the other moms confront Abby about her solo choices. She’s not surprised and explains that she didn’t give Kendall a solo because of her music career and Nia because she has been with the group so long that a loss wouldn’t be healthy for her.

Kalani, Nia, Kendall, Brynn and Cameron score the spots for a group routine called “Is There Still Hope?” which was originally supposed to be a tribute to cancer. The moms point out that they’ve already done a cancer routine, “The Ribbon,” in the past. This really shows that Abby could be getting off her game.

Chloe and Christi are Back

Dance Moms reunites with Chloe, who was on the show during the first four seasons. Her mother, Christi, and Abby ended things on a terrible note, but Chloe can’t help but admit that she misses ALDC and her friends on the team. Christi doesn’t understand why she wants to return, but Chloe sticks to her guns about going to the competition. She does agree that she doesn’t want to come face-to-face with Abby. Christi warns her that things will be “different” than she thinks, but Chloe is determined to “crash the party.”

Lilly’s Special Father/Daughter Moment

Back at the ALDC, the moms discuss Abby’s bad routine decision while the soloists work on their routines. Abby adds emotion to Lilly’s routine as she points out that Lilly is away from her friends, siblings and mainly her dad. Lilly finds out that her dad is actually the one singing the song that she is dancing to, which makes her smile from ear to ear. Most of the moms are all about Lilly’s’ song, but Elliana’s mom is nervous that Elliana, who is competing against Lilly, will be put on the back burner.

The Candy Apples are Ready for Round 2

The Candy Apples also return after their explosive appearance in a previous episode that included going head-to-head with the ALDC moms. Dance coach Cathy introduces Zach to the team and points out that she thinks he’ll give the team the edge they need to pull a win at Nationals after losing to the ALDC in the last competition. She also wants to send Abby off with a loss if Abby gets locked up. She reveals that they’re doing a dance called “Abduction” and that Zach will be the predator.

Abby Takes a ALDC to a “Dark” Place

Meanwhile, Abby works with Elliana on her solo next. She’s nervous about Elliana’s skill but does compliment her performance. Kalani’s mom, Kira, lets out her frustration about Elliana receiving a solo after being at the ALDC for only a year, which is a much shorter time than Kalani has been there.

Abby then moves on with the group and reveals her new and very “dark” idea for their performance after it was clear that they couldn’t repeat a cancer routine. She reveals that this time Nia gets shot after being in a gang, Kalani is a drug addict who overdoses, Brynn suffers from an eating disorder and Kendall is schizophrenic, while Camryn is a prostitute. In the end, all of their characters die. As viewers already might have assumed, the moms aren’t huge fans of the new concept.

The Candy Apples Get Dark Too

The group piece about human trafficking is moving right along for the Candy Apples as well. Unlike the ALDC moms, the ones at the Candy Apples are moved by the potential performance, especially after one reveals that her family suffered from human trafficking. Cathy is just happy that it’s seen as “compelling” and hopes the judges will think so too.

Abby moves on to Kalani’s solo two days before the competition. Her mom is happy that it’s finally about her and finding herself after Abby has pointed out that Kalani could be the next to “move on” from the ALDC. Kalani is going up against Brynn at Nationals. But Brynn’s mother has high hopes that Brynn will beat her, which will definitely upset Kalani and most likely Kira as well.

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Kendall’s Big Debut

Meanwhile, Kendall is getting ready for her music video premiere. Abby shows up, but Kendall’s mom, Jill, is a little nervous about Abby’s reaction. Many of the other dancers have come out to support Kendall as well. But Kendall points out that Abby really didn’t want to come out and support her. Jill tells her that Abby is just upset she’s not in control of Kendall’s career.

Jill greets the huge crowd and thanks them for their support before she introduces Kendall, who walks out to an extremely excited crowd of teen girls. The crowd and Kendall’s fellow dancers are all smiles as the video plays. Of course, Jill makes a few cameos too. The end of the video is met with cheers and screams. But Abby is livid as she reveals that the same team she uses was used for the video. She says Jill and Kendall will make millions while she’ll bring home nothing.

The Road to Nationals

The dancers and their moms meet at the ALDC to get on the bus to Nationals. Abby can’t hold back the tears as she holds a special jacket from her mother and admits that she has to say goodbye to her studio. But she is adamant that this isn’t the end for her as a dance coach. She gives the team a pep talk as part one of the season finale comes to an end — but not before Chloe and her mom are spotted making their way to Nationals too, unsure of how they’ll be greeted and received.

Same Old Frenemies Part 2

The sound of screams and cheers are heard as the ALDC arrives to Nationals. Abby reminds viewers that the ALDC has not been to Starbound since its first season competing. The moms get their competing daughters ready as they gear up to face the biggest challenges of their dancing careers so far. Cathy arrives and starts trouble by pushing down the ALDC sign. She says that Kalani “is the entire team” and that everyone else can leave.

Holly breaks her silence for the first time in the episode and goes off on Cathy.

Abby tells Cathy and the Candy Apples to leave, while Cathy brings up Abby’s possible upcoming jail time. The Candy Apples then go to their own area and discuss Abby’s soloist choices, which they don’t necessarily agree with

The ALDC moms hope the soloists can get some sort of advice, but Abby doesn’t deliver. Holly gets involved and has her second screaming match of the day against Abby. Abby then takes the dancers out, leaving the moms to recap Cathy and Abby’s big moment.

Abby decides to give the soloists a pep talk after all and tells them, “Don’t mess my name up.”

The Dancers Hit the Stage

Brynn goes first with her lyrical performance of “Winner Takes It All.” Abby covers her face up for most of the performance because she’s so nervous, but Brynn’s mom says she is pleased. Kalani is up next with her contemporary performance of “Who Do You Think You Are?” which even makes Abby cheer and clap. Christi and Chloe walk in just as Elliana takes the stage for “Munich.” She does an exceptional job but isn’t as confident in her performance and tells her dancing friends that it wasn’t her best. Lilly also puts on a great performance that leaves Abby extremely “pleased.”

The Candy Apples are up next with “Abduction” but not before Cathy takes a couple more jabs at Abby as Cathy’s dancers hit the stage. The ALDC moms compliment the Candy Apples before the ALDC is the last to perform. It’s safe to say they have delivered too. While the moms weren’t sure about the concept, Holly admits that it’s a “powerful” performance.

Who’s the National Champion?

When it comes to the results, Elliana wins second place while Lilly wins first by a 10th of a point for the junior solos. Yolanda is disappointed that her daughter didn’t win first. But Abby is happy with the results.

Brynn wins third place for the senior solos. This makes Abby wonder if Kalani will place at all. Thankfully, her suspicions are wrong as Kalani wins first place.

As for the groups, the Candy Apples win fourth with “Abduction” as the ALDC’s “Is There Still Hope?” takes home the coveted first place title.

The Candy Apples meet the ALDC backstage, but the moms guarantee that they just want to congratulate them. Still, Cathy can’t help but spark drama, so Abby dances up against her. Drama erupts as the moms go at it, which causes one of the Candy Apples moms to quit. But it’s all smiles and tears of joy for the ALDC, though Abby is uncertain about the future of her personal life.

Christi and Chloe Reunite with the ALDC

The moms reflect as Chloe and Christi walk in. After the dancers and moms get over the shock of their return, Chloe reveals that she wants to start competing again. She and her ALDC friends have a special moment and hug it out while Christi catches up with the moms.

Should Chloe and Christi have shown up at Nationals? Should the girls who were at the ALDC longer have been the ones to receive solos? What do you think about Cathy’s constant verbal attacks against Abby and the ALDC? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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February 21, 2017
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