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Juliette and Avery’s relationship on Nashville has been rocky from the start. Before they “formally” met, Avery had tried to meet Juliette a few times and she hadn’t given him the time of day, and even after they began their twisted love affair, Juliette was still the one making problems and treating Avery as lesser than her. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t love him, or that they can’t fix their problems. After Juliette’s accident, anything could happen.

She’s Hurt Him

Starting from the beginning of their relationship, Juliette really treated Avery like dirt. When she was at her worst, he was there for her; when the world was against her and her career was failing, he was there for her. Once she started to rise again and earn some of the world’s respect back, suddenly Avery didn’t mean as much to her.

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She cheated on him with Jeff Fordham, the label head who she hated more than anything, just to hurt him. She didn’t mean to, but Juliette has always lashed out at the people she cares about the most because if she doesn’t push them away they’ll leave on their own and hurt her more. Her mother emphasized that fear, and given her childhood, there’s no surprise that Juliette uses this tactic when she’s getting close to someone.

Pregnancy and Further

Juliette becoming pregnant really saved her relationship with Avery. Sure, there was a chance the baby was Jeff’s, but the paternity test saved her relationship. Would Avery have stayed with her otherwise? Probably not. After all, he left Scarlett for believing she was cheating with Gunnar and being threatened by her career. Would Juliette’s story have played out differently had Hayden Panettiere not gotten pregnant during the hiatus? Probably, but it is how it is.

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Nonetheless, Juliette becoming pregnant brought her and Avery back together, and expecting their daughter made them the happy couple we saw in season 2 when Juliette was at her lowest. Avery always found a way to make her happy, and to make her see the positives in life, and it was truly Juliette’s postpartum depression throughout the second half of season 3 and season 4 that drove him away.

She returned to the girl who lashed out to protect herself; she pushed Avery and her daughter away out of fear — fear of becoming her mother — and threw herself into her career because she knew she’d find success there.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Juliette returned in season 4 from her stint in rehab with a new outlook on life and a determination to get her family back. She understood her actions; what she did to them, to everyone, and her role in Jeff’s death was a direct result from her and her actions.

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This new outlook on life gave Juliette a new direction. She had learned to deal with her pain, cope with the fear of losing those closest to her, and accept that what she had wasn’t too good to be true. Rehab truly helped her find herself and become more comfortable. So comfortable that she even confessed to the press that she played a role in Jeff’s death, and that he died saving her from her suicide attempt.

Just that alone made Avery willing to give her another chance, but the plane crash made Juliette’s outlook both harder and easier. She will never be more grateful to be alive than she is now; she has another chance to make things right with Avery, with her daughter, and to live a life she loves and deserves. On the other hand, would Avery have come back to her if she hadn’t been in the crash? She’ll never know if they would’ve worked again before this, but perhaps this is just another event that’s supposed to bring the two together for good. The question is, how long before Juliette messes it up?

What do you think? Can Juliette and Avery make their relationship work? Would they be together right now if it weren’t for her pregnancy and the plane crash? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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