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Much has been made about the reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many critics didn’t care for the film, which is something that upset a lot of fans. Well, everybody can now relax. The definitive review of Batman v Superman has now been filed by the only man whose opinion truly matters, Andrew Dice Clay. You didn’t know you needed to know what the Diceman thought of the movie, probably because you didn’t consider the fact that he was still alive. And yet, here we are. Check out his thoughts on the battle of the century below.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Andrew Dice Clay grabbed as much of his old style from the 80’s and 90’s as he could for a series of jokes about a comic book movie. This fact by itself makes the above routine one of the most bizarre experiences in recent memory. If you watched the “Diceman” during his most popular run of the late 1980’s and early 90’s you know his onstage character was more likely to beat up a guy who read comic books that he was to discuss them. While Andrew Dice Clay has certainly gotten older, (haven’t we all?) it just goes to show that comic books and the movies that are based on them have become so mainstream that it’s the thing you talk about if you want to get the majority of your audience to pay attention.

His actual argument for why he believes Superman should easily defeat Batman is certainly one that has been made before. It’s the idea that with everything Bruce Wayne has going for him, he is, ultimately, just a mortal man. Superman, on the other hand, is… well… Superman. He’s nearly invincible, and is really capable of wiping the floor with Batman if he so chose to do so. Dice sums it up be going back to one of his classic stand-up gimmicks, the dirty nursery rhyme, though he did clean it up for broadcast TV.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, anyone thinks they could kick Superman’s ass is full of …it!

Never change, Dice.

While we have to admit that Andrew Dice Clay appears to have lost a step or two in his later years, we’re glad he’s still going. We also can’t help but get a certain amount of enjoyment out of seeing the Diceman character as an elderly comic book nerd. Were you a fan of Andrew Dice Clay back in the day or were you in the camp that couldn’t stand him? How many people reading this have no idea who we’re even talking about? God, we’re old.


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