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(Photo : Getty Images/Vivien Killilea) Tatiana Maslany teases the challenges Cosima will face in “Orphan Black” season 4.

“Orphan Black’ season 4 will be very different for Cosima (Tatiana Maslany).

In a clip to preview the upcoming installment of the hit BBC America series, Maslany spoke of the challenges Cosima will be facing and how Delphine’s (Evelyne Brochu) death will impact the character.

“Cosima has just lost Delphine,” Maslany says in the video. “So she’s in the middle of dealing with that while at the same time pushing forward her own research about her biology and where she fits into the mystery.”

While Maslany has confirmed that Delphine is no longer, the one-minute trailer for the upcoming season appears to be hinting that there still might be some hope for the lovers as Delphine may have survived.

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In the 14-second mark of the trailer, Delphine’s identification card says she’s “suspended” and not “deceased” like Dr. Nealon’s (Tom McCamus). While fans would hope that it means Delphine is alive and still recuperating before returning to work at the Dyad Institute, it could also mean that they have just not located her remains yet.

If series co-creator John Fawcett’s statement is to be taken as the final word, though, Delphine’s life has really ended.

“I know this will be upsetting to many fans but the story in our minds has always been a tragic love story,” the producer told Entertainment Weekly. “Listen, I didn’t want to say one way or the other. For us, I believe this is a horrible thing that had to happen. And I know that it’s hard and I know that it’s emotional and I know there are going to be a lot of people out there going ‘WHY?!?’ But trust me, this was a necessary move to make.”

See what else Cosima will be up to when “Orphan Black” season 4 premieres April 14 on BBC America.


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Mar 25, 2016 07:29 PM EDT

March 25, 2016

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