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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan’s soul was freed from the Phoenix stone and made its way into the body of a human named Marty. A serial killer’s soul was also freed from the Phoenix stone and it found its way into Stefan’s body. It was all very Freaky Friday.

In tonight’s episode, “One Way or Another,” the good ol’ soul switcheroo plot continues.

Marty is Dying

Marty is quickly deteriorating since Stefan’s vampire soul decided to set up shop in his body. He keeps throwing up blood. It’s not pretty, or as the Magic 8 Ball would say, “outlook not so good.” Damon has a plan. Damon always has a plan. The two are on their way to Memphis to track down Ambrose, the crazed serial killer who looks like the real Stefan. Damon pulls over, dials 911 and hangs up. He knows he can’t take Stefan to a hospital, so he brings the hospital to Stefan. Damon compels the paramedics to do everything they can to keep him alive. He also instructs them to take Marty to a hotel.

Alaric reluctantly arrives on the scene. He doesn’t really want to help Damon save Stefan, but he knows Caroline wouldn’t want him to die. Alaric is holding on to some pretty strong feelings about Stefan abandoning Caroline. Damon convinces him, for now, to help find Ambrose.

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Damon and Alaric finally make it to the frat house where Ambrose has holed up. He is draining coeds left and right. Damon tries to enter the house, but can’t. He calls Valerie on his way back to the car. He wants to know if she is going to be able to do the spell to reunite Stefan’s soul with his body. She says she will find a way. He lets her know where the paramedics are taking Marty.

Bonnie is in the Psych Ward

Flash forwards in previous episodes have told us that Bonnie is in a psych ward. We also know that her and Enzo are together. What we don’t know is why. This episode gives us a little more information into what’s going on here.

Bonnie is sitting in group therapy. She makes a confession that sounds a lot like she’s talking about Damon. She never mentions names, but says “I cared about him more than anyone else in the world.” She goes out to mention him being back and not making an effort to contact her. (I’m going to defend Damon here. I mean, he’s clearly got a lot on his plate right now, Bon Bon.)

Later, Bonnie goes into her room where she’s confronted by another patient. The girl accuses Bonnie of stealing her medication. Bonnie doesn’t deny it at all. She tells the girl if any of them want to get better, they have to have a clear mind. The girl then hugs her.

Bonnie has gained the patient’s trust. They start talking about how they each ended up in the hospital. The girl says she tried to save her family, but they didn’t want to be saved. Her sister ended up putting her in the institution. Bonnie calls her out on being a member of the St. John family. The girl instantly gets nervous. Bonnie tells her she’s a Bennett witch and uses it as leverage for information. She’s not really sick or crazy, she’s checked herself in hoping the St. John girl would be able to help her figure out why The Armory is after her.

Bonnie strikes a deal. She says she can get the girl out of the ward, if she gives up information. The girl still doesn’t fully believe Bonnie. Bonnie explains to her that she has pills created by The Armory that she can take making it impossible for them to find her using a locator spell. One drawback, though, is it also makes her lose access to her magic.

The St. John girl tells her there is a vault below The Armory that has been sealed by a Bennett witch and only a Bennett witch can unlock it. When it seems like Bonnie plans to open the vault, the girl freaks out and tries to stab Bonnie with a shard of glass.

Ambrose Wants Blood

Meanwhile, in Memphis, Ambrose calls Damon. He’s ready to compromise. Ambrose says he can jump into the body of a transitioning vampire, and a witch can push Stefan into the correct body, but first he wants Rayna dead. Damon is willing to play ball.

Rayna is in the back of some college kid’s car. He’s chauffeuring her to the party where Ambrose is. Suddenly, Enzo shows up and darts her unconscious. She wakes up in the back of Enzo’s car. When asked why he took her, he says he wants to reverse the effects of her blood. Rayna realizes Bonnie has been taking the pills created by The Amory. The pills were made with her blood! She tells Enzo he’s basically signed Bonnie’s death wish. The effects of her blood cannot be reversed, only enhanced.

Damon and Alaric find out that Rayna is missing. Luckily for Ambrose, he has vampire hearing and was able to eavesdrop on Damon’s earlier conversation with Valerie. He decides to go after Stefan. If Stefan is completely out of the picture, then Ambrose doesn’t have to deal with the body swap issue.

Ambrose t-bones the ambulance transporting Stefan. Then he kills the paramedics. Stefan is able to escape into a nearby house. One of the perks of being human, Stefan can go inside and Ambrose can’t. Ambrose throws a propane tank through the doorway. He’s about to torch the place when Damon stops him and Alaric vervains him.

They take him to the hotel. Stefan and Ambrose are both unconscious. Valerie starts the spell to swap the bodies. She goes inside Stefan’s head. He thinks it’s because he’s going to die. She tries to clam him down, but then her nose starts bleeding. For about two point five seconds it seems she’s not strong enough to do the spell. Damon forces her to continue, even though she was going to continue any way. She is successful and Stefan is Stefan again.

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Enzo and Bonnie

Enzo goes to the hospital to see Bonnie. He has been posing as her doctor, and got a call saying she had been attacked by another patient. She’s happy to see him. At least, she’s happy until he tells her what he knows about the pills. They were an experimental drug created by The Armory, we knew that. But, we didn’t know they had been forcing Mary Louise to take them for three years. She became very sick and that’s why she decided to blow herself up with Nora. Bonnie isn’t thrilled about dying — again.

Enzo gives her a hug to comfort her. She looks up from Enzo’s shoulder and Damon is standing in the doorway holding flowers! She walks toward him. He’s on the verge of tears and can only say that he is sorry. She pauses, smiles and then slams the door in his face!

What a wild ending. How do you feel about Damon and Bonnie’s relationship? It looks like they’ll get to team up together for the next episode. Also, what’s the deal with Alaric? He is pretty rude to Damon at one point in the episode, especially considering how Damon felt after Alaric died.

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8pm on The CW.

(Image courtesy of The CW)

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