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Deadpool‘s after-credits scene confirmed that we’ll see Cable in the sequel, but it turns out that Wade Wilson’s frenemy was at one point being considered for a role in the first movie. That could have worked if handled the right way, but now Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has revealed why he talked 20th Century Fox out of using Cable in the character’s rookie outing.

Revealing that the character was considered for Deadpool, Liefeld said that it was he who spoke up to talk the studio out of making the Merc with a Mouth’s first solo film a team-up.

“I absolutely recommended that they not include Cable in the origin story of Deadpool because it wasn’t necessary. That was on the table of things that were being considered, and I felt like, ‘No, no, no.’ Deadpool is a good enough character. He can carry his own movie and doesn’t need Cable. Similarly, it’s a mistake I believe that Batman v Superman made. They tried to do too many things at once and tell too many stories. I believe that the fact that we’ve got the opportunity to build now on what Deadpool… OK, this is corny, they can build on the cable they laid with Deadpool, in the first movie, you know? Those are strong tracks, and so now they continue to build out on that.”

That makes sense, and the Batman V Superman comparison is definitely appropriate when you consider just how much that movie attempted to squeeze in ahead of Justice League next year.

Spending some time familiarizing moviegoers with Deadpool before launching into a story which pairs him up with Cable ultimately feels like the right approach, especially as anticipation is now at an all-time high for that character to make his big screen debut in the still undated sequel.

Plus, if director Tim Miller’s comic book faithful take on Colossus is any indication of how Cable will be handled, then we’ll be in for a real treat when the sequel arrives next year.

Source: Cinema Blend

May 18, 2016

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Deadpool‘s after-credits scene confirmed that we’ll see Cable in the sequel, but it turns out that Wade Wilson’s frenemy was at one point being considered for […]
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May 18, 2016

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