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‘Nashville’ Poll: Who Is Scarlett’s Baby Daddy?

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‘Nashville’ Poll: Who Is Scarlett’s Baby Daddy?


The mid-season finale of Nashville revealed so much, but one of the most shocking revelations is the fact that Scarlett is pregnant. After a season of being torn between two men, Damien and Gunnar, her own needs are now being put on hold as she’s forced to confront the fact that she’s bringing life into the world and she doesn’t even know who the baby’s father is. So, who is the father?


If Gunnar is the father, it would be the easy way out. Scarlett and Gunnar have always had one of the most iconic Nashville relationships and their fates have always been tied together; even when they’re apart, they’ve still been in each other’s lives.

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Their reunion in the season 4 finale on ABC was short-lived when the series migrated to CMT. They weren’t happy, or at least Scarlett wasn’t. It was about time she took control and stopped going back to Gunnar just because she felt she should. He rubbed her nose in each of his other relationships and always acted like a child when they were together, but this season the dynamic has shifted and now Scarlett is the one with another relationship and Gunnar just wants her attention.


This would be the soapy version to go. As the show progresses toward a soap opera feel, Scarlett’s relationship with Damien has brought out a more independent, carefree side of her, and it’s been a joy to watch. She’s been much more confident and willing to stand her ground, especially when it comes to Gunnar.

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Damien working with Scarlett on the music video prompted their spark, their relationship and the discourse in Scarlett’s relationship with Gunnar. As she said, he brought out a side of her that she’s never seen before, and made it look like it was actually her instead of just a recording of a girl that looks like her. Damien brings out the darker side to Scarlett.

Who Should the Father Be?

Personally, I think Damien should be the father. Not that he’d be a great father, but it means that Scarlett would be tied to him whether she’s in a relationship with Gunnar or not, which seems inevitable.

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He brings out a stronger side of Scarlett; she actually stands up for herself and demands what she wants when they’re together, or interacting, and it’s an important attribute that Scarlett has always been missing. She’s let herself be overshadowed by Gunnar and the others in her life for far too long, and if she’s going to be a parent, she’s going to need to be able to stand her ground.


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