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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: The Team Suffers a Terrible Loss While Trying to Set Reality Right

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: The Team Suffers a Terrible Loss While Trying to Set Reality Right


It’s a whole new world on Legends of Tomorrow, and though the show never explains why the Legion’s reality-altering hasn’t bled out to all CW superhero shows, it’s best not to open that door. Since Legends isn’t worried about continuity — they never really have been — the alternate reality created for this episode titled “Doomworld,” goes nuts in the best way possible. The Legion have everything they want, but thanks to hubris (and Mick Rory), the Legends are still around to take them down. It’s hard to make the villains getting their happy ending be fun and enjoyable, but Legends of Tomorrow pulls it off in this episode until the appropriately dour ending.

Reality Reawakening 

Though “Doomworld” doesn’t spend much time living in the Doom World, the choices that were made by the Legion are pretty hilarious and also terrifying. Damien Darhk is the mayor of Star City and has Sara and Amaya as his personal sexy assassins. (Caity Lotz leans particularly hard to the killer sexpot persona, and it’s fantastic.) Malcolm is a businessman with an alive and loving family and two proper hands. Thawne is the head of STAR Labs and is BFFs with President Trump. He also has Jax under his employ as his tech version of Ebenezer Scrooge and Stein as the tech version of Bob Cratchit. Filling up the rear is Ray as a lowly janitor, Rip as a drunken man making cakes trapped on the Waverider and Nate as a conspiracy theorist with (even more) terrible hair.

In a nice parallel with the season premiere, it is Nate who is the linchpin that brings the team back together. Nate believes the world is not set right and goes to Thawne, the smartest man in this reality, to fix things. While Thawne tries to get Snart and Rory to kill Nate to stop this train of thought, Mick has a change of heart at the last second. In another parallel with the season premiere, Mick and Nate team up. They eventually are able to gather every member of the Legends back together and restore their memories, with the exception of Stein and Rip. 

It’s not a happy reunion, though. Even though Mick isn’t down with seeing the team die, all the problems that have existed between them all are still there, so much so that when Sara gets wind of Thawne’s newest schemes, she forbids Mick from joining them. Sara, and everyone else but Amaya, doesn’t trust Mick anymore. This causes Mick to reluctantly go back to Captain Cold and the rest of the Legion, not feeling accepted by the Legends even though he has just saved their lives.

Another Game of Hot Potato Spear 

As for Thawne’s plans, the speedster has found a way to destroy the Spear and he hasn’t let anyone in the Legion know about it. Worried that he is going to rewrite reality one last time and then destroy the Spear, the Legion are determined to stop Thawne. Worried that Thawne is going to follow through on his plan and keep the new reality the same, the Legends are determined to stop him. This isn’t the first time that Legends of Tomorrow has put the villains and the heroes on the same goal with very different methods. It’s a gimmick that works very well and is perfect for the penultimate episode of this season. 

A big brawl breaks out between the two groups as they converge on the reactor that Thawne had built to destroy the Spear. It’s a wild and super enjoyable spectacle as the Legion fight the Legends, the Legends fight the Legion, and everyone takes turns beating on Thawne. Throughout the brawl, the Spear gets passed around until it serendipitously (and rather ridiculously) falls at the feet of Mick.

Legends of Tomorrow basically turns into the final scene of Air Bud at this point, where Mick is standing halfway between the Legion and the Legends, both of whom are coaxing him to their side. Smartly, “Doomworld” addresses a lingering problem from Mick’s initial betrayal: the fact that Amaya had no interaction with Mick when he stabbed her in the back. Now, though, it is Amaya who is integral in Mick making the right choice. Amaya doesn’t beg Mick to help her and the Legends; she just tells him that she believes in him. This is all Mick needs, and he decides to not play lap dog to Snart anymore. Mick throws the Spear to Amaya and tells her to fix it. It’s a beautiful moment and one that Legends of Tomorrow has been building to all season … and then Leonard Snart ruins it all.

To Be Continued…

Amaya begins to use the Spear to set reality right, but while she is vulnerable, Cold zaps her directly in the chest with his freeze gun. Amaya turns into a complete Vixicle. Cold tips her over, shattering her into tiny little pieces, dropping a pun while he does it and killing Amaya outright. If that’s not bad enough, Thawne awakens after being knocked unconscious in the fight and steals the Spear back from everyone as they are absorbing Amaya’s death. Thawne chucks the Spear into the reactor, and this new reality is set. Amaya is dead, the Legends are stuck being losers and the Legion have won. 

There is only one course left for the Legends. They must find Rip and go back in time to make sure the Legends never gain the Spear. The problem is that this might make time fold in on itself. As bad as that sounds, the bigger obstacle might be traveling back in time in the first place. It is revealed in the final moments of the episode that, while Rip is alive and trapped on a Waverider, which he has gotten to work, he can’t save the Legends. Rip has shrunk in size, and the entire Waverider he is trapped in is just a decoration on Thawne’s desk.

It’s sad to see this season of Legends come to an end, but everything on the to do list should make for an action-packed finale and hopefully a very satisfying one.

What are you most looking forward to in the finale? Do you think Amaya will stay dead? Should Amaya stay dead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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