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#HellChallenge: Teens Hilariously Enrage Their Parents With New Viral Prank — See Tweets

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#HellChallenge: Teens Hilariously Enrage Their Parents With New Viral Prank — See Tweets

Courtesy of Instagram

What the hell??? Twitter users are going crazy trying to piss off their parents, and it’s actually working. A new prank called the #HellChallenge has teens egging on their parents with the ‘curse’ word and it’s leading to some hilarious results. Check out the evidence right here!

There is a viral challenge trending on Twitter that you NEED to try ASAP, but you should know that it could lead to some, uh, very intense results. The #HellChallenge is a prank in which you text your mom or dad and ask them, “Is hell a curse word?” Usually, the immediate response is a pretty casual “yes,” “no,” or “sometimes,” based on the parent’s own personal beliefs. But, after receiving the answer from their parent, the teen must then continue to use the world “hell” in conversation with their mom or dad, in an aggressive way.

As you may suspect, it doesn’t usually go well, as the parents become more and more enraged with their offspring. Those who partake in the challenge then tweet screenshots of their funny conversations with their parents. Check out some of our favorite results of the #HellChallenge below and make sure you do so when you’re alone because you are probably going to start snorting with laughter.

Pepe The Frog Meme — PICS

We have to admit, this challenge is super funny, but it’s DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart based on the reactions some of these kids are getting from their parents. After all, you shouldn’t kiss your mother with that mouth! We would advise you to proceed with caution when asking your parent the now infamous question, “Is hell a curse word?” So, play at your own risk!

HollywoodLifers, have you tried the #HellChallenge? Did it work successfully or blow up in your face? Give us all your thoughts below!

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