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Charles Barkley Gives TURRIBLE Blackjack Advice … Ripped By ’21’ Expert (VIDEO)

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Charles Barkley Gives TURRIBLE Blackjack Advice … Ripped By ’21’ Expert (VIDEO)



Here’s the situation …

YOU have 16.  DEALER has a 10 showing. 

Hit or stay?!!?!

Charles Barkley — one of the most famous high-roller blackjack players in the world (he’s won and lost MILLIONS over the years) — gives his take and it seems like awful advice!!! 

But to confirm our suspicions, we went to the leading blackjack expert in the world — Jeff Ma — a former member of that MIT blackjack team that inspired the book, “Bringing Down the House” (which later became the movie “21”). 

Jeff tells you the RIGHT way to play the hand and BLASTS Barkley as a straight-up coward. 

Good luck … 

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